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The Home Office

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“The Home Office” will save our businesses in this time of Uncertainty and Rebuilding.

In the coming months and years due to our current world wide pandemic, more forward thinking industries and company leaders will see the wide ranging benefit of evaluating which portion of their employees can permanently work from home. Today’s technologies allow many professionals to provide their services at home or travel in a seamless manner. I contend that companies that move a substantial portion of their sales teams to their homes will see an increase in productivity and longevity.

As companies struggle to pick up the pieces and evaluate their losses, the smart ones will take a hard look at the real estate space, heating, cooling, technology, maintenance, energy, and overall cost of supporting an in-house staff and weigh those physical expenditures against increasing productivity by supporting home offices.

Wake up corporate America! Don’t downsize people….downsize the space they are working in and save millions of dollars. My executive chair thrives from home.

Wishing everyone health, direction and peace.

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