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I highly recommend viewing this clip below. THIS IS NOT ABOUT POLITICS. Whatever your opinion is about social distancing or wearing masks, there is one TRUTH you cannot deny or ignore, the virus is spreading at an alarming pace EVERYWHERE even where you live. We all need to rethink about our individual responsibilities on how we can protect our loved ones, friends, strangers, and ourselves from catching this deadly virus and NOT passing it to others. Until the numbers come down to “safe levels” (whatever that is) a reboot on how we live and who we see needs to be lovingly evaluated. If you choose now despite this spike to mingle with others outside your own household family unit for social gatherings then you consent to risking the health and safety of yourself, spouse or partner or the safety of people you love and can’t live without. Listen to Ms. Maddow’s story, get in a quiet place of thought and let wisdom lead you. I wish you ALL peace and safety!

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