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Right from the beginning, World’s Finest Meetings was built on the premise that relationships are Targeted Meetingsmore important than the bottom line. This is not always viewed as a positive trait in today’s business climate, but it IS important to us. As a result, it brings a work environment that hopefully is different than others you may have experienced, and it also brings a quality of work that is more rewarding than just the paycheck at the end of the week. Not that we don’t appreciate financial rewards – or don’t encourage big rewards for our employees and contractors. But we do strive to be different, and it shows.

We help with your meetingsIt’s easy to say we are committed to honesty, integrity, hard work, and a cooperative spirit. It’s quite another thing to actually do it. Though we are far from perfect, we strive for these things and for the best results for our clients. We are looking for others to join our team who not only can do an outstanding job in finding solutions for clients, but who also are committed to these principals.

If you’d like a change of pace, and are willing to take the risks associated with a business model that supports the high earning potential of commissioned sales – as well as the risks and rewards associated with high ethical standards, please submit your resume for our consideration! Send to: