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Self Reflection Brings New Direction And Purpose!

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If you feel helpless during this worldwide crisis you are NOT alone. To get out of this funk our thoughts and decisions need to be grounded in wisdom and inspiration and not fear and inaction.

Never before is it imperative to “think” and wait five or six seconds before speaking to others especially regarding sensitive or meaningful topics. Most times that pause will help temper your response and clarify in a more peaceful manner what you really want to say. Our stress levels are at a all time high and respecting others and listening, observing, being quiet, and then seeking inner inspiration on how to help others is essential to our own mental self health. No matter who you are or whatever your economic situation we are all horrified by the mounting deaths and bewildered by the lack of unified direction. Tired of the political fighting and finger pointing. Fatigued by not knowing the truth about how the virus is spreading and what to do about it and how to best protect ourselves, family, friends, and fellow citizens. This is our time to embrace love for one another and let petty differences melt with the morning dew. It’s time to self reflect and make everything we do be more purposeful and helpful to others!

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