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His Job Changed Lives (A comment about Apple CEO, Steve Jobs)

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The recent passing of former Apple CEO and co-founder, Steve Jobs has made millions of us in the United States and around the world pause and take note of what this one individual brought to the technological table of ideas and how his insights, inspirations and uncompromising spirit changed the “quality” of our lives forever.

Whenever any of us are challenged with the thought, ” I am only one person I won’t make a difference or I’m not important, my opinion doesn’t matter “. Think of people like Steve Jobs. The fact of the matter is, we all have within us the same qualities Mr. Jobs exemplified in his storied career. His passion to be creative and think out of the box. His unwillingness to not compromise in building products but demand from himself and his peers, nothing less than the finest products and performance. His passion, energy, and love for what he was doing were easily seen in his presentations of new product launches. Certainly it was not about the money as Mr. Jobs became a wealthy man early in life. And, for any of us who felt that his life was a piece of cake without challenges, how would you like to be fired from the company you co-founded?

Yes, as we all go back and go through our everyday living cycle and use our IPod, IPad, IMac, ITunes, IPhone etc, we can best celebrate Steve Jobs life and accomplishments by disciplining our thought to know that one individual can make a huge difference in other peoples lives for the good. We can all start by thinking out of the box and try new things and be inspired in our thinking. We can demand that what we produce in our workplace is work of inspiration and quality and not “settling” on the status quo. When we are evaluating our performance and services we can step back and ask ourselves if we performed our task in a “Jobs” like manner? In the end, our life isn’t measured by how many friends we have or the amount of money in our checking account or the car we drive. It’s what we bring to the table personally and professionally everyday that matters. Steve Jobs was probably worth eight or nine billion at his passing. People aren’t talking about his wealth, or his home, or the car he drove. They are talking about the “qualities” and “inspirational ideas” and “passion” he brought to the workplace. Guess what, we can also do the same. We can also do a better “Job”.

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