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TOP 12  Checklist…

1. Create your guest list…check it twice.

2. Consider ease of travel for your senior guests (ie; Parents, Grandparents, etc.)

3. Consider time of year and weather related issues.

4. Sometimes it’s wise to select a single venue that offers a magnificent location to host your wedding ceremony, welcome reception, dinner, after party, honeymoon suite and attendee lodging.  Using one location strengthens your negotiating power, simplifies the process and can reduce transportation concerns.

5. We will work within your budget. We recommend researching the best awards driven credit card and put everything on it including your honeymoon. It will consolidate all of your expenses in one place and may offer you a large bonus of gifts or reward points.

6. World’s Finest Weddings helps to decrease your stress and worry.  We’re the only wedding professional service you will hire that’s totally FREE to you! We will never take a credit card or check from you for our work.

Let’s review the services of World’s Finest Weddings…

1. We find the perfect location in the United States or internationally to host your wedding, reception & guest rooms.

2. We provide a comprehensive hotel/resort venue spreadsheet featuring guest room pricing, food and beverage, outdoor and indoor location pricing. This side by side analysis will enable you to evaluate all the pros and cons of each location.

3. Once you pick a location, we will organize an in person site tour inspection of the property or properties you are interested in.

4. We will review your wedding contract and negotiate any areas we feel you might be vulnerable.

5. Throughout the process, World’s Finest Weddings will be your advocate and assist you every step of the way to ensure everything is perfect, assuring you of the finest outcome possible.

6. We can assist with recommendations for your honeymoon. We have hospitality contacts around the world to help light the fire of imagination for a honeymoon experience of a lifetime.