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Should I Travel?

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The question regarding traveling is personal. If your job requires it then you will have to balance that decision against your own feelings. If travel is optional and you are weighing different factors then here are some observations from my recent travels. I found the airports and airlines extremely clean and have adopted policies to maintain a safer and cleaner experience. Upon boarding you are handed cleaning wipes. Upon landing people exit a few rows at a time while everyone else remains seated. // In the last several weeks I have traveled and stayed at condos and hotels in Beaver Creek, Vail, Breckenridge, all in Colorado and two hotel properties in GA. In all of these experiences I found the properties very responsible for enhancing their cleaning protocols. As I travel I brought cleaning wipes and as I entered any public areas be it airports, planes, rental cars, hotel rooms, etc I would wipe down any areas I felt needed to be done again. In hotel rooms I felt uncomfortable with remote controls and for my stay placed them in a zip lock baggie. When eating out 90% of the time I would eat outside or buy groceries that allowed meals consumed in the guest room. If you travel respect others as we are all in this together. I wish you safety and wisdom.

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