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Not a Political Statement

I am amazed by how many posts by friends I see where they are out and about and many inside hugging each other with big smiles with no masks or social distancing. Wearing a mask or social distancing is not a political statement. It’s respecting your family, friends, and strangers who are afraid of catching […]

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I highly recommend viewing this clip below. THIS IS NOT ABOUT POLITICS. Whatever your opinion is about social distancing or wearing masks, there is one TRUTH you cannot deny or ignore, the virus is spreading at an alarming pace EVERYWHERE even where you live. We all need to rethink about our individual responsibilities on how […]

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Should I Travel?

The question regarding traveling is personal. If your job requires it then you will have to balance that decision against your own feelings. If travel is optional and you are weighing different factors then here are some observations from my recent travels. I found the airports and airlines extremely clean and have adopted policies to […]

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Beware Of Scam

Beware of Scam: We ALL are stressed out with the Covid situation, job losses, economy, social unrest, upcoming election, etc, etc, etc. This is the time crooks will do their best to beat you down more!! Please remember no matter how REAL a link looks or how real the text or email address looks, DO […]

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Liberty & Justice For ALL

It’s important to know the history of our flag. To me itstands for one nation, one people comprised of all nationalities. It stands for “Liberty and Justice For ALL”. Enjoy, the video is short and reminds us that our loyal predecessors were Americans first and died for our FREEDOM. I pray we ALL express more […]

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Hotels Have Some Big Decisions Ahead…

Hotel profits plummeted due to closings and meeting cancellations. Hotels will be competing to convince clients that they have enacted policies and best practices to insure all guests a safe and worry free meeting experience. With new “distancing” meeting space guidelines that expands meeting space usage for less attendees thus shrinking their overall group selling […]

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Hotel Websites Beware

Hotel websites beware… Being in the hospitality business we decided to look at various hotel websites to see how they are responding with new policies regarding COVID-19. To our surprise, as we reviewed several four and five star websites they were lacking in providing any new policies or thoughts on the subject. To revitalize our […]

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The Home Office

“The Home Office” will save our businesses in this time of Uncertainty and Rebuilding. In the coming months and years due to our current world wide pandemic, more forward thinking industries and company leaders will see the wide ranging benefit of evaluating which portion of their employees can permanently work from home. Today’s technologies allow […]

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