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9/11 Changed Everything!

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In more ways than we can imagine the events of 9/11 changed everything we do, think, and feel as a country. The one area that has been impacted forever is the way we all travel by air. Now taking a trip for business or vacation is usually a hassle and a stressed filled one day adventure. As you arrive at a airport you are a guilty person who has to prove you are inocent by successfully passing through security with your bags and carry on items. Now, I am in full support of the TSA and their policies to insure passenger safety however, with ALL of our advanced technology isn’t there an ID system built around retna scanners and up to the minute information that can identify the “good” people from the “bad” and allow us a quicker and smoother time saving way to avoid a portion of the security hassle? I am now answering what I think is a reasonable and logical question with “I’m not so sure”.

In 2011 a well known movie and television personality was escorted off a plane for refusing to turn off their electronic divice in a timely fashion. In 2010 a flight attendent upon landing announced over the intercom that they were quiting their job and proceeded to exit the plane deploying the evacuation slide and sliding down it. In 2012 a airline captain who was in charge of his passengers and crew had a in flight meltdown and was locked out of the flight deck and subdued by passengers while the flight made an emergency landing. These are just a taste of the many incidents that have taken place by individuals who have sucessfully passed through our current security protacals.

Truth be known, a individuals personal data trail and the input of family, friends, and workers regarding a person’s mental stability cannot always be known and their actions on a given day can never be fully diagnosed. Therefore, the only way to insure our individual safety and well being while traveling will be by extensive screening procedures. Yes, the technology will improve but the long lines and delays will always be a part of the process. So this is the norm and regretably I will miss the days where loved ones could see us off at our airline gate or be waiting for us with smiles and laughter as we exited our flight and entered our arrival area.

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